Living Without Amazon EC2 (Playing With Octopress and S3)

With a week off work I decided to delve into the blog Oh sphere to see what new and shiny shiny tools are available to devs these days.

Also exploring Github will almost always uncover cool new ways of making my life as a developer easier and scratch the curious itch for learning something new.

One of the things I discovered was Jekyll, a sweet library to create static blogs. I’ve always been a loyal Wordpress guy but the simplistic and lightweight nature of Jekyll, plus having free time on my hands, urged me to switch. It works great.

This blog used to be a mixture of Amazon’s EC2, RDS, Route 53, S3 and Cloudfront. Now its S3 all the way.

Cheaper and faster.

Moving forwards with the idea, Octopress makes the transition a little easier and more rewarding. It’s based on Jekyll and provides easier templating, analytics, deployment and other such things people require from their blogs.

Detailed instructions: Moving Octopress to S3 (And Cloudfront)