Update: Over 230,000 submissions now! (See some highlights!)

GuardianWitness is an extension of my earlier work on the Guardian’s n0tice project.

We started by using noticeboards as assignments. With this technique, we were able to focus user participation around topics and themes. The API gave us the flexibility to build a UGC platform around assignments.

This included websites, mobile apps and perhaps the highlight, a sophisticated newsroom integration. This made moderation and showcasing content easy and manageable.

I developed the website and worked alongside some very talented designers, UX experts and QA.

I’m super happy with our launch products. It was by far the most relaxed product launch I’ve been a part of, mainly due to the professionalism of those around me!

For more news and updates of GuardianWitness, follow @SuperCerebral and @GuardianWitness.

Update: I decided to capture some of the positive reaction to the Witness launch on Twitter :)