Ethira - iPhone & iPad

This is the first time I’ve developed an app for iOS.

It was unveiled as part of an art exhibition by Amalia Ulman and commissioned by Arcadia Missa (London).

The app polls a server every 5 seconds and gets messages which are stored in memory (only stored for 5 seconds).

There is no archive/logs, no usernames/identities so the idea is based around short time based anonymous messaging within a public forum.

The app currently does not support encryption although this is probably the number one feature update moving forwards.

Below is a description of the app from the artist. You can download the app here.

ETHIRA® lets you express yourself with the freedom of anonymity

No accounts, no archive, no usernames: watch your messages disappear before your eyes.

ETHIRA® was created to explore the dynamics and relationship between users and the content they share online.

By erasing the elements that made the most popular social networks succeed, ETHIRA® is an experiment that sees it’s own failure as a success. Avoiding feedback and ego-related rewards, ETHIRA® is meant to function as a liberating self-expression tool, thriving for honesty and freedom.

Erasing the archive, it also eliminates the burden of hoarding, and sense of value, hidden behind the accumulation of data.